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faq Apartments -
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When can I see my desired apartment?

You are welcome to contact us via our contact form, by phone, or by mail and we will be happy to arrange an individual viewing appointment with you.
Please note that rented apartments can not be visited without further ado and this must be agreed with the tenant.

Where will the notary appointment for the notarization of the purchase contract take place?

We will be happy to arrange a notary appointment for you with Dr. Betzler Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Wiesbaden or with Dr. Matthias Conradi in Ober-Ramstadt.

Can I record immediately?

No, after receiving the draft purchase agreement the 14-day period for the protection of the consumer must be observed.

Can the cost of furnishing be deducted from the purchase price from the land transfer tax?

Yes, you can reduce the purchase price by €10,000 with regard to the Real estate transfer tax.

Is there a homeowners association?

There is a homeowners association with 108 units.

Who takes over the management of the homeowners association?

The administration IVH Hecht from Darmstadt takes over the administration of the homeowners association.

Are the apartments in Karl57 currently rented?

Most of the apartments are currently rented, the exact status of which apartments are not rented can be found at: www.karl57.de/en/rent.

Can I take over the current tenant of my desired apartment?

As the new owner, you are required to take over the current tenant.

How do you read the electricity, gas and water of each apartment?

Each apartment has its own meters for heating, hot water, cold water and electricity, which can be read if necessary.

Am I obliged to buy an underground parking space?

No, you do not have to purchase a parking space.

How are rental costs accounted for in the owners association?

The rental costs are settled by the administration IVH Hecht.

How high are the advance payments for ancillary costs and how are they structured?

We can provide you with a projected list of ancillary costs for Karl57.